What to Consider When Choosing A Hospice Billing Service

Selecting a billing agency or service is one of, if not the, most important decisions a hospice provider makes. Effective collecting impacts the entire operation, and the incorrect choice could easily lead to long-lasting negative repercussions. 

Inferior services can result in lower collection rates over long, unproductive time periods. Billing services should consistently acquire a high percentage of claims that maximize a hospice’s intake. With a hospice’s success so reliant on billing and successful collecting, the decision has to be made correctly. 

We compiled a list of factors to consider when selecting a billing service:

  1. Specialization
    1. Your biller should be specialized in the billing service specifically related to your industry. At Advanced Hospice Management, we focus solely on hospice billing, and our team is comprised of knowledgeable experts who stay updated on all relevant regulations that could potentially affect hospice billing.
  2. Transparency and Communication
    1. Billers should always maintain an open line of communication with their clients. In addition, hospices should always be in contact with their billing service and get a detailed overview of every single claim and its collection status. Our team has monthly A/R calls with clients to discuss all outstanding claims and what we will do to collect the money. 
  3. Adaptability
    1. With a plethora of billing software options, hospices should make sure their biller can effectively operate the current software in use. Technology changes can be costly and interfere with the collection process. 
    2. To prevent potential issues, we bill in whatever EMR software our client is currently using. If they ever decide to upgrade or change systems, we can follow them seamlessly without interruption.

If you’re interested in working with Advanced Hospice Management and maximizing your collections, visit us at https://advancedrevcycle.com/contact/ or call 888.737.3585


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