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Whether it be Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid or a commercial claim, our team carefully handles all submissions and verifications.

Through our seamless onboarding process, our experts work with you to increase the accuracy and efficiency of your palliative care billing process.

We make sure palliative agencies of all shapes and sizes receive reimbursements appropriately and timely – no matter how big or small the amount.

Claim subimission & Verification

Palliative Care Financial Reporting

Palliative Care Billing and Colllection

Start to finish support

Palliative Care Billing Solutions

Palliative Claim Submissions & Follow Up through Payment

Our Palliative claim submission process focuses on carefully managing Medicare, MA, Medicaid, and commercial claims.

Medicare, MA, Medicaid and VA Claims

We will handle the submission, follow up, and management of all government claims such as Medicare, MA, Medicaid, and VA Claims.

Commercial Claims

We deliver submission and comprehensive management for individual and group commercial insurance claims.

Clean Claim Confirmation

We ensure all claims are expertly handled, verifying that the respective payer receives a valid claim.

Palliative Payment Posting

Enjoy thorough & Accurate payment posting with reporting.

Electronic and Manual Payment Posting

Whether it is manual or an electronic 835, we save you time and money in the Palliative posting process, giving you confidence that your postings are timely and accurate.

Palliative Billing Compliance & Reporting

Our team’s Palliative reporting methods ensure your meeting federal and state Palliative billing compliance requirements, while also focusing on your outstanding A/R.

Palliative Billing Compliance & Oversight

We ensure your billing is done through the best practices in Palliative billing, helping you keep the money you earn for the care you’re providing.

Detailed A/R Reporting

On-demand detailed A/R reporting that integrates with your EMR. Letting you know at all times where every eligible claim is at and what is being done to collect your reimbursement.

Best Practices & Processes

Process Development & Best Practices

We have a very detailed and stringent Palliative billing process which is customized daily, weekly, and monthly to meet your agency’s needs. We will develop a process for your Palliative billing operations that is seamless and informative, ensuring you always know the current status of all outstanding claims.

Our Expertise, Your Peace of Mind

Process Development & Best Practices

Because we focus 100% on payments, our expert team are actively seeking out and identifying problems ahead of time and developing solutions before they impact your agency.

A Culture of Collections

We have a tight-knit company culture of collections, with our whole team right here in the U.S. and our employees having 20+ years of experience on average.

100% contingency rate

Means we are encouraged to be proactive and performance oriented in everything we do. We scale up or down as you do, adapting to your needs to offer maximum efficiency.

Live reporting of AR - billed & unbilled.

No matter which EMR you’re using, we provide live reporting of your billed and unbilled AR, to give you unparalleled transparency across your whole revenue cycle.