Adapting to Client’s EMR Platform

Hospice providers can select from a wide variety of electronic medical record (EMR) platforms to store and manage their invaluable information. Unlike most hospice billing services, we pride ourselves on using whichever EMR service our client prefers. We don’t demand a switchover or charge any extra fees. It’s a simple courtesy we provide for every client. An integral part of Advanced Hospice Management’s onboarding process is understanding a client’s chosen platform and ensuring we know how to fully utilize it. Throughout our history we’ve worked with the majority of the major software services, but we’re always excited to learn smaller EMR platforms. It’s an opportunity for us to gain more knowledge about the software, learn more about what the hospice wants and educate our billing team. Although we offer our clients total freedom, some hospice providers feel trapped by their current EMR platform because they utilize the EMR’s billing service and feel they may lose their billing capabilities if they switch. In order to combat this fear, we are completely willing to stay with hospice agencies as they transition between EMR services. As a seamless billing service, Advanced Hospice Management stays with clients regardless of the platform. We understand the countless choices hospices face when selecting an EMR platform. But, we don’t ever want clients to feel pressured to switch software while working with us. As a seamlessly integrated billing service, we are completely committed to achieving great results and maximized collections regardless of your preferred platform.


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