Specialization Leading to Quality Results

When searching for a billing solution for your business, it is incredibly important to go with a company that specializes in your field. There is a notable difference between the service offered by a specialized billing company and the service offered by a company that focuses on multiple healthcare verticals for billing. Think quality versus quantity. Wouldn’t you rather quality when it comes to your billing solutions? 

At Advanced Hospice Management, our specialized billing service works solely with hospice agencies all across the country. By being committed to only one focus, we are able to provide hospice agencies with a dependable support structure, expert-level services and billing solutions that cater to their distinct needs. Our focus is on relieving the stress of hospice billing so that our clients can care for their patients.

Without the proper resources and knowledge, the complex world of hospice billing can feel impossible to navigate. Working remotely across the country, our team’s in-depth knowledge and high level of expertise keep our clients updated and informed on hospice billing policies, guidelines and regulations. 

We go the extra mile for our clients to ensure they feel as if we are just down the hall. Our dedicated team of experts walk each client through every step of our detailed systems and processes, allowing them to feel comfortable and confident in their billing solutions. We believe that this level of attention and thoroughness are qualities only found in specialized services. 

Along with expertise comes efficiency. At Advanced Hospice Management, we accommodate all software billing solutions. This means our clients never have to worry about switching from their existing EMR when partnering with us. 

Our specialization leads to quality results. Instead of being sufficient at many different services, we are experts in one. As a result of our billing methods, our clients see collection rates on average of 98%+ of billing in comparison to the industry average of 90%. At Advanced Hospice Management, we dedicate ourselves to one mission: providing unmatched billing solutions to hospice agencies.


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