Advanced Revenue Cycle Management worked with a non-profit hospice organization in Savannah, GA to handle their billing and collections as well as regulatory compliance standards. As the only non-profit Hospice company in the Savannah area, it was difficult to find an organization that was willing to help with their needs. Since AHM is fully remote, we were available and ready to help.  

The Hospice’s goal was to organize and handle large amounts of billing and collections and make sure compliance and regulatory standards were met and maintained. The company was originally writing off 10% of receivables a year, equaling nearly $1M. 

Another goal of the hospice company was to organize a process for their billing tasks. The Hospice wanted to be more knowledgeable on the correct coding statuses in regards to claims as well as put into place a simple, easy-to-follow procedure and process for the billing and collections sector of their organization. In addition to Hospice care, this company offers Palliative care and needed additional assistance with that billing process as well.



“ARCM works relentlessly and pushes our people just the right amount”
- Hospice CEO


Advanced Revenue Cycle Management has been able to implement an efficient and organized process for the Hospice’s billing and collections, educated employees on compliance codes and regulation standards and lowered their total debt while also lowering the percentage of write-offs.

“Working with ARCM is one of the easiest decisions I have ever made in my life”
- Hospice CFO