How To Improve Your Hospice Billing

Staying on top of your billing can help you avoid non-covered service days and give you confidence that your claims will hold up under audit scrutiny. Here are just a few ways to improve your hospice billing processes.

Establish compliance standards internally.

Setting up compliance standards with your team will help to keep your billing and revenue cycle running smoothly. Regular internal auditing of these standards can allow you to quickly catch mistakes and find solutions to keep your billing accurate and timely. It is important to analyze the performance of your agency’s processes to ensure all claims are compliant. By identifying billing problems and patterns, you can find the best course of action to correct mistakes and set up preventative measures to save you time while avoiding costly errors on your hospice billing.

Keep your staff up-to-date on billing regulations.

It is important that your staff is updated on all rules regarding hospice billing to lower the risk of billing errors. A well-educated staff will be able to identify billing problems, track denied claims, and avoid improper payments to make sure that your business receives your maximum collections. You should have confidence that all Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Insurance claims are filed correctly, all billing requirements are met, and all claims are compliant.

Let a hospice billing service streamline the process.

Professional billing services can help ensure that all of your hospice claims are properly billed, resulting in accurate reimbursement for the care you provide to patients.  At Advanced Hospice Management, we provide you with a team of highly trained, expert billers who use best practices to submit clean, compliant claims. The result? We collect more of your money, faster.

For the best solutions to all of your hospice billing needs, contact Advanced Hospice Management today.


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