Solutions to Common Billing Problems

Any mistakes made during your hospice billing cycle can keep you from maximizing your hospice collections. Learn how to avoid late Notice of Elections (NOEs), how to prevent errors on your hospice claims, and how to keep your staff up to date on the most current guidelines for hospice billing.

Missed Deadlines

Notice of Elections must be submitted and processed within five business days following admission, and before any hospice claims can be filed. With the common working files changes implemented July 2, 2018, many hospices are experiencing NOE errors that are negatively impacting their collections. Does your agency understand the changes made by Medicare in July and how they affect sequential billing?

Errors on Claims

Any errors on filed claims can result in the claim being rejected. These errors can be costly and keep you from receiving payment. Because of sequential billing rules, rejected claims can hold up months of collections. Work with your business internally to identify common billing problems and prevent errors from occurring in future billing cycles. Meet with your team to establish compliance standards, review changes within the rules of hospice billing, and set up preventative measures to avoid billing mistakes. Setting up these internal standards can help your billing processes run smoothly.

Outdated Information

The rules of hospice billing are constantly changing – is your agency staying up to date? Updates and changes directly impact your claims processing. Don’t let these changes keep you from receiving your full revenue. Stay informed on policy changes to prevent mistakes and to avoid losing time during your billing cycle. A staff that is knowledgeable about the constant changes and updates of hospice regulations will help to improve your billing accuracy and maximize your collections.


Avoid the problems that come with hospice billing. At Advanced Hospice Management, we reduce wasted time and error so that you can get more of your money, faster. Let Advanced Hospice Management take care of your billing needs, ensuring timely, error-free billing so that you can receive your maximum collections. Contact us today for a free review of your hospice billing processes.


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