Case study:

Starting from the beginning with AHM

From the beginning, a start-up hospice company has used Advanced Hospice Management to handle end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and regulatory compliance. Their goal was to have everything billing and revenue cycle related be accurate, timely and easy from the very start.

Another goal of the hospice company was to expand its operations to various states and geographies. The benefits of having Advanced Revenue Cycle Management from the beginning have made growth incredibly efficient due to predictable and timely revenue. Since starting their company, they have expanded their operations to four states across the country, including Arizona, Utah, California and Texas.

Advanced Revenue Cycle Management has been able to save the owner money that he would’ve spent on billing and convert that to revenue so he can continue to focus on his patients, their families and his employees. Because the hospice agency was able to grow with cost efficiencies, they have since expanded their operations across four states and three separate time zones. ARCM has employees throughout the U.S., and they have been able to continue communication through geographical and time zone changes.


  • Start-up hospices often face challenges that come with a lack of billing experience and are more vulnerable to mistakes

  • Start-up hospices might find expenses challenging to navigate

  • New hospices might struggle with compliance and regulatory requirements

  • Payer and compliance knowledge for different states

ARCM Solutions:

  • Provide a superior team of highly-trained and driven professionals with decades of experience in the hospice billing industry.

  • Provide great rates that helped the Hospice Start-up save money they would have spent in a completely separate billing department for their company

  • Helped connect EMR (Electronic Medical Records) to ensure compliance and regulatory requirements were met

“Without ARCM, we wouldn’t have been able to grow as fast as we have.”
-Hospice Owner


  • Because ofAdvanced Revenue Cycle Management's expertise, rates and compliance standards, the start-up hospice company has been able to gain industry knowledge, save on expenses and maintain compliance standards.

They are always willing to help, and they know what they need to know. They are eager to do their work and do it well. They are looking to be a part of our team. It’s as if Advanced Revenue Cycle Management works in our company. I don’t feel like I’m outsourced somewhere far far away.

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“No matter how big we get, we will never leave them. They’re an amazing company, and I couldn’t imagine my agency without them.”
-Hospice Owner