The Benefits of Working Remote

One of the most important benefits of working remotely for Advanced Hospice Management is having a more secure work-life balance. One of the things we push is striking a balance of working remotely where it can benefit you to work from home. For example, one of our team members has horses, and we love seeing her social media pictures because sometimes she goes out and enjoys these beautiful days by feeding or riding her horses. That would never be something she would be able to do if she worked in the office every day. 

Those are things that a traditional job in an office would not allow our staff to do, so the culture and the flexibility at Advanced Hospice Management are huge. You work at home, and you have a workflow. You know what you need to do, but you always have that opportunity and ability to get up in the middle of the day and attend something at your child’s school, pick them up, drop them off, take your mom to the doctor, etc. There’s just the flexibility built into working at home that you can’t have in an office atmosphere.

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