AHM joins with LMHPCO’s Health Disparities and Inequities Taskforce to tackle discrimination in hospice care

While Advanced Hospice Management deals mainly in billing, they also work in conjunction with Hospice services to help provide the best quality of care to all of their patients. AHM’s mission is to allow for overall greater care to be provided under the hospice benefit by making the billing process seamless and predictable so that hospice agencies can focus on patient care.

The Health Disparities and Inequities Taskforce—which is associated with the Louisiana Mississippi Hospice and Palliative Care Organization—was formed to identify disparities and decrease healthcare inequities affecting the minority hospice and palliative patients across Louisiana and Mississippi.

“Diversity is not only racial but multi-dimensional, encompassing not just race and ethnicity but gender, sexual orientation, religion, incarceration status, and more,” says LMHPCO. 

The overall objectives of the task force are to educate, assist, provide and document. They want to educate LA & MS healthcare providers on the prevalence of various disparities and highlight the barriers associated with them. They want to assist members in recognizing unconscious bias and provide a safe space to discuss difficult issues affecting end-of-life care. Lastly, they want to document any and all healthcare inequalities experienced by LA & MS hospice and palliative care patients. 

At Advanced Hospice Management, we are committed to ensuring that all patients receive the care that they deserve, despite any disparities or barriers they may face. 


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