A Seamless Onboarding Process

At Advanced Hospice Management we try to make our onboarding process seamless and easy for our new clients as it seems like an overwhelming and tedious process. In the beginning, it seems to be a lot of information. We need to gather data for their software and have to link to their NPI for RDD IDs.

Additionally, there’s a lot of other access that we need in order to check claim status and receive remits. In order to alleviate any client stress, we go through an itemized list for what we need from each client.

We help them understand what information we need and how they can access that information. We do this step-by-step in order to avoid any confusion or overwhelming feelings. We provide our clients with this list ahead of time in the case that they have any questions or challenges giving us access, we can help walk them through it. No matter the challenge, we work hard to ensure we can provide the best instruction possible. 

Are you looking for a Hospice Billing Provider that is going to provide a simple and stress free onboarding process? Contact Advance Hospice Management today and talk with one of our team members! 

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