3 Ways To Increase Hospice Collections

There are several factors that can keep you from receiving your maximum level of hospice collections. Here are our three steps to help you increase your collections and promote a smoother billing process.

1. Manage your results.

It is important to regularly review and track your results from each billing cycle. If you are seeing progress in each billing cycle, make note of what is working to benefit your collection rate. If you are seeing issues, develop methods to help improve your next billing cycle. This is a process that should be practiced monthly with your staff to target new issues as they arise and ensure the best results from your hospice collections.

2. Set up best practices for billing efficiency.

Setting up best practices for your agency’s billing can help to ensure that your billing is compliant and on time. Making sure that your staff is well versed in the processes of hospice billing will ensure a smoother and more efficient billing cycle, resulting in maximum collections. Know how to deal with payments that are past due or with payers who routinely deny clean claims. Educating your staff will not only help them to navigate difficult areas of the hospice billing cycle, but it will help to limit errors and increase collections.

3. Outsource your hospice billing.

It is a difficult task to file hospice claims, stay on top of billing schedules, and minimize billing errors, all while navigating the ever-changing rules of hospice billing. Utilize a hospice management service to ensure that your hospice billing processes are conducted in the most accurate and efficient means possible. Outsourcing can take the stress of hospice billing off your shoulders so that you can focus on providing your patients with the best care possible.


We at Advanced Hospice Management are trained in the best practices of hospice billing to collect more of your money faster. We provide you with professional, reliable service to minimize billing issues and maximize your collections. For a free review of your hospice billing processes, contact us today.


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