Learn more about Employee Retention Credit (ERC) for your agency!

If you have looked into the Employee Tax Retention Credit with your finance and accounting team and were told you can’t qualify because you don’t meet the revenue threshold, we strongly recommend contacting our ERC partners EJ Saad Law. EJ Saad Law is a law firm composed of experts in business litigation and tax law and has discovered a third way your agency can qualify for this tax credit. This method has been utilized successfully for other hospice agencies we work with and for over 20 hospice companies in general since the law was enacted two and a half years ago.

EJ Saad Law has submitted claims for more than ten thousand companies and filed for over $1B in total claims and has established themselves as industry specialists in the healthcare space. With respect to hospice agencies, EJ Saad has worked with companies ranging from 50 employees to more than 400 employees and has filed for over $100M in ERC claims in our particular industry. 


What is the Employee Retention Credit? The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is a program set up under the CARES Act in response to the Pandemic. The IRS will send your business a check for the amount you qualify to receive. You will not have to pay this back. The intent of the Legislation is to reward employers for retaining their employees through the pandemic. The Employee Retention Tax Credit allows for a deductible credit per w2 employee. On average, $16,000 is received per w2 employee, but the maximum credit is $26,000. For an average example – if your agency has 50 employees, you could see an $800,000 return!

Reach out today, and you will be contacted soon to discuss the opportunities for your agency!